Together everyone achieves more!

At plusteam we truly believe that teamwork is the key to accomplish big goals, we use this ability to always give the plus to achieve the highest quality in our work.

Our Services

We are a multidisciplinary team that loves what we do, these are our services

Custom Software Development

We provide full-lifecycle product development services from back-end to front-end. Build your modern web application, PWA,

mobile app, desktop app, REST or GraphQL API, SPA, SaaS app, Cloud solution, MVP, and more.

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Mobile App Development

We make your idea really, and the best way to do it is to launch an app for mobile devices compatible with Android and iOS, or even we

can simplify the development process by creating a PWA that can take the best advantages from web techs and make the app available for mobile and desktop devices.

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Business Solutions

Upgrade your business with Odoo. it’s a modular ERP that can help you to centralize all the processes of your organization effectively.

Odoo count with awesome modules: Sales, Purchases, HR, Inventory, CRM, Projects, Invoicing, Email Marketing, Website, E-Commerce, HelpDesk, and more

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Websites &

Build your website or blogs fast and low-price with the best CMS in the market (WordPress, Webflow, Odoo), and manage your

content and users easily. We upgrade your site with awesome plugins that add new features to the site.

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Project Management

Lead and project is always a challenge, we use the best methodologies to manage and planning projects, we are experts

in teamwork and collaboration to achieve success in the projects. We use Agile or Waterfall methodologies.

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DevOps &

Design the architecture of your cloud app, configure your network, implement services, maintenance your servers, implement best

practices in cybersecurity, implement CI/CD in your projects, and more.

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Digital Marketing

We help you to build campaigns effectively on emails and social media. Analyze and learn about your users with Analytics tools

and improve what we really it's important to make grow your business

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Start to sell your products on the internet fast and secure, with solutions like Shopify, WooComerce, Odoo. We integrate

the payment gateway that fits with your customers and market

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UI/UX Design

Wireframes or high fidelity prototypes are essential for any app, we use the best collaborative tools to work with you in the

design stage of your idea. We also offer services to help you to build the Identity of your business (Logo, Colors, Palette, etc)

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Technology Advisory

We help you make your business more efficient with the power of technology. Use the best tools to automatize process, solutions for

daily problems, create your virtual office, and more

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Maintenance & Support

If you have a problem with your app, need a hand with some tech that you're using, we are glad to help you to solve your problems

by directly communicate with our multidisciplinary team.

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Advanced Technologies

If you have a high-level requirement or questions related to Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence,

Data Analytics and Visualization, IoT, Data Science we can assign experts in the area to work with directly and help to solve your requirements.

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